Prior to General Convention, we at CanonLawyer, Inc., drafted a proposed resolution which included numerous proposed amendments to Title IV intended to restore many of the rights of Episcopal Clergy lost in the 2009.  That resolution (designated D031) was filed at the opening of General Convention, and it was the only resolution addressing Title IV submitted by anyone other than the Standing Commission on Constitution and Canons.  Resolution D031 was referred to the GC Committee on Constitution and Canons.  It was sponsored by The Rev'd Jeffrey Ross of the Diocese of Delaware, President of the Network of Episcopal Clergy Associations.  A hearing was held on our proposed resolution, and it generated a lot of interest among the Deputies. Nevertheless, Resolution D031 was referred for study to the Standing Commission on Constitution and Canons over the next trienium without ever being on the floor of either House at General Convention. 

There were a large number of resolutions filed by the Standing Commission on Constitution and Canons, some of which, if adopted, would have further restricted the rights of Clergy and removed almost all right to obtain discovery prior to trial.  We aggressively opposed those resolutions, and obtained substantial revisions.   All of those resolutions which were  dopted by General Convention can be found here.