Under the provisons of Title IV, a matter may be referred to conciliation by either the Reference Panel (Canon IV.6.9) or the Conference Panel (Canon IV.12.9).  Canon IV.10.1 provides that where a matter is referred for conciliation, the Bishop Diocesan will appoint a Conciliator to assist the Complainant, Respondent, other affected persons and the Church in reconciling.   

Canon IV.10.2 provides that a Conciliator must be a person skilled in dispute resolution techniques and without conflict of interest in the matter.  

The purpose of conciliation is to seek a resolution which promotes healing,  repentance, forgiveness, restitution, justice, amendment of life and reconciliation among the Complainant, Respondent, affected Community, other persons and the Church.

If the conciliation is successful in reaching agreement among the parties on a suitable resolution of all issues, an Accord will be prepared as provided in Canon IV.14.

We at CanonLawyer, Inc. are professional mediators skilled in dispute resolution techniques.  As professional mediators and alternate dispute resolution specialists, we are "neutrals" who can act without even the appearance of any conflict of interest.  We are available to act as Conciliators in Title IV matters upon appointment by a Bishop Diocesan.