At CanonLawyer, Inc., we are acutely aware that the cost of obtaining representation in Title IV matters is often beyond the means of most Episcopal Clergy.  Legal representation from the initial accusation or complaint through the final determination of a Hearing Panel can easily run to as much as $100,000.00.   The high cost of defense, even against totally baseless charges, is forcing many Priests to resign their cures and enter into unreasonable accords simply to preserve their Holy Orders, regardless of the merits and factual basis of the accusation or complaint, or the lack thereof.   To address that issue, CanonLawyer, Inc. is now offering membership in the CanonLawyer Clergy Assistance Plan. 

The CanonLawyer Clergy Assistance Plan will provide experienced and knowledgable canon lawyers and legal professionals to act as Consultants and Advisors to member Clergy who are facing charges under Title IV for a reasonable annual membership fee.  The CanonLawyer Clergy Assistance Plan will operate much like a prepaid legal services plan.   However, although the Consultants and Advisors provided by the CanonLawyer Clergy Assistance Plan will be attorneys or other legal professionals, CAP will not provide any secular legal services, nor will its Consultants and Advisors provide any secular legal advice to our Clergy-members.