Frequently Asked Questions  


Q.  How can I become a member of the CanonLawyer Clergy Assistance Plan?

A.  All Clergy of the Episcopal Church may apply for membership in the CanonLawyer Clergy Assistance Plan by completing a membership application and submitting the application fee.

Q.  What is the amount of the application fee, and is it refundable if my application for membership is declined?

A.  The initial application fee is $200.00.  It covers the cost of opening a membership file and reviewing the application.  It is non-refundable regardless of the decision on the application. However, upon acceptance into the CanonLawyer Clergy Assistance Plan, the initial application fee is applied to the membership fees for the first year of membership.

Q.  Am I eligible for membership in the CanonLawyer Clergy Assistance Plan if I am currently the subject of a Title IV proceeding?

A.  Probably.  CanonLawyer, Inc. reserves the right to decline any application for membership in the CanonLawyer Clergy Assistance Plan.  The application for membership will be reviewed and a decision will be made based upon the information provided.  The nature of the pending complaint and the status of the proceedings may affect membership fees, but will not necessarily disqualify a member of the Clergy from membership, and even if an application for membership is declined, CanonLawyer, Inc. may still be retained to act as an Advisor/Consultant at a reduced rate.

Q.  Will my membership fees in the CanonLawyer Clergy Assistance Plan be increased if I become the subject of a Title IV complaint, investigation or proceeding?

A.  No.

Q.  Other than the annual membership fee, will I have any additional costs or expenses if I become the subject of a Title IV complaint, investigation or proceeding?

A.  The annual membership fee covers all of the fees of the Advisor/Consultant provided by CanonLawyer, Inc. under the CanonLawyer Clergy Assistance Plan.   Members will only be required to pay for necessary out-of-pocket expenses incurred in connection with the proceedings, including travel, if necessary.  No such fees will be incurred without the prior approval of the Clergy member.

Q.  If I leave The Episcopal Church or I cease to be a member of the Clergy of The Episcopal Church, either through resignation or deposition, will my membership fee be refunded?

A.  No.  All membership fees are non-refundable.

Q.  If I am denied compensation by my church or diocese while I am the subject of a Restriction on Ministry or Administrative Leave, will CanonLawyer, Inc. bring a lawsuit on my behalf to recover my lost salary and benefits?

A.  No.  The services provided by CanonLawyer, Inc. are exclusively Ecclesiastical in nature. We do not provide legal advice, and we recommend that all clients retain local attorneys with respect to matters pertaining to civil law.  We will make every effort within the structure of The Episcopal Church to insure than no member is denied his or her compensation while the subject of Title IV proceedings. but we will not represent Clergy members in any civil litigation.

Q.  Are lay employees of The Episcopal Church eligible for membership in the CanonLawyer Clergy Assistance Plan?

A.  No.  Only members of the Clergy are eligible for membership. 

Q.  Does CanonLawyer, Inc. provide services to The Episcopal Church other than the representation of Clergy in Title IV proceedings through the CanonLawyer Clergy Assistance Plan?

A. Yes.  CanonLawyer, Inc. provides a full range of services to The Episcopal Church, including services to Clergy, Parish Vestries, Bishops and Dioceses with respect to a wide range of matters under Title III and Title IV.  They are more fully described in our website which can be found at  

Q. Does the CanonLawyer Clergy Assistance Plan accept credit cards?

A. Yes.  We accept American Express, Mastercard, Visa and Discover Cards.  We will also accept third-party payments from Churches and other institutions on behalf of Clergy members.

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