The Oasis celebrates its 10th anniversary

 by Elizabeth Kaeton
(ENS) The temperatures hovered in the high nineties on Tuesday evening, June 1, as the Rev. Bill Gannon's Dixieland band led the procession down the main street of Hoboken, New Jersey, with its rendition of "What a Friend We Have in Jesus." They joined the rest of the congregation at All Saints' Church for the celebration of the 10th anniversary of The Oasis, the mission and ministry of the Diocese of Newark with all those who experience prejudice and oppression because of their sexual orientation....

A special award was given to Michael Rehill, diocesan chancellor and chief respondent in the presentment charge against Bishop Walter Righter, who was charged with heresy after ordaining an openly gay man to the diaconate in the Diocese of Newark.
The proclamation with Rehill's award stated that he "settled once and for all the canonical question of the ordination of lesbian and gay people, freeing the people of God to wrestle with the issue in their hearts and souls."

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