July 1, 2012

By The Reverend Canon Professor Christopher Seitz; The Reverend Dr. Philip Turner; The Reverend Dr. Ephraim Radner; and Mark McCall, Esq.


We are not alone in having profound concerns with Title IV. From across the theological spectrum, Michael Rehill, a lawyer from Newark whose perspective is primarily that of defending clergy charged with canonical offenses, concludes that the revised canon "stripped Members of the Clergy of fundamental due process rights which under the predecessors to Title IV were intended to provide Clergy facing ecclesiastical discipline with a fair process and a fair trial." We obviously share this conclusion as well as with his observation that:

"As a result of the new Title IV, many more Members of the Clergy are now facing ecclesiastical discipline, and our experience over the past year has brought to light many fundamental flaws in Title IV as it is presently constituted."


Mr. Rehill has concluded that "a comprehensive revision of Title IV" is required. We agree with his conclusion, if not his proposed revision.

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