Title IV Revision:

The take from The Hon. Michael F. Rehill

By The Rev. Mark Harris

Michael Rehill, lawyer in New Jersey, and who has more credentials re canon law and regular old good sense than most of us can muster, has proposed a revision to Title IV that should be looked at carefully by anyone attending General Convention. I've read it once and believe it to be a good effort to correct the most difficult problems with the existing Title IV. So, go at it:

Read the whole thing HERE.

Matters are moving rapidly now. General Convention is just a bit more than a week away and some really important new material is coming into the legislative flow. The time for moaning and groaning is over, the time to get the changes we need or want in place is at hand. But first there is the need to read, read, read.

I am delighted to see the possibility of having to self-incriminate shot down. I will have to read the whole thing again, but I believe Rehill is doing the Church a real service.


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