Dr. Pamela L. Lutz, LL.D.

Title: President and CEO
Phone: (973) 973-823-8008
Fax: (903) 823-8883
Email: plutz@canonlawyer.org

Dr. Pamela L. Lutz is an experienced professional mediator.  She holds a B.A. from William Paterson University, was certified in Paralegal Studies at Boston University. She received Mediation training at Rutgers University, including Advanced Mediation Training. She holds a Master of Science in Law (M.S.L.) degree from Champlain College, and a Doctor of Laws honoris causa (LL.D.) (Docteur en Droit) from the Episcopal University of Haiti.  Dr. Lutz has also received Advanced Mediation Training from the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators (NJAPM). She has been awarded the title of Alternate Dispute Resolution Specialist from the IADR Global (Institute for Advanced Dispute Resolution Global).

Dr. Lutz is a member of the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators; the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR); the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC); and "Mediators without Borders" (International Association for Mediators and ADR Specialists). She is also a non-Attorney Associate Member of the American Bar Association and the Section of Dispute Resolution; and a non-Attorney Associate Member of the New Jersey State Bar Association. She is the co-founder of Sussex County Mediation Center, LLC.  She is a member of the Ecclesiastical Law Society (U.K.).

For the past 13 years, Dr. Lutz has been working with Judge Rehill in the defense of clergy throughout the United States who have been charged with canonical offenses under Title IV of the Canons of the Episcopal Church (Ecclesiastical Discipline). 

During that period, she has developed an extraordinary knowledge about Clergy rights and responsibilities and Title III of the Canons of the Episcopal Church (Ministry), and  she has acted as a Mediator in disputes between Rectors and Vestries, including Dissolution of Pastoral Relations, and the mediation of severance packages for departing clergy. 

She is available to act as a Consultant to Clergy and Vestries, and to act as a Mediator in matters under Canons III.9.12 (Reconcilliation of Disagreements Affecting the Pastoral Relation) and III.9.13 (Dissolution of the Pastoral Relation) on appointment by the Bishop.

With respect to proceedings under Title IV, Dr. Lutz is available to act as Advisor to the accused Member of the Clergy (the "Respondent") to "support, assist, consult with and advise the Respondent."  Canon IV.2.  Such appointment is made by the Member of the Clergy designating her as his or her Advisor in writing to the Intake Officer under Canon IV.19.10(d).  In that capacity she will attend all proceedings at which the Respondent has the right to be present.